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Joyful Noise Vintage Audio
"Helping You Make A Joyful Noise"
Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Jason Kritz - Technician
Repair & Restoration of Vintage Electronics
Phone: 828-385-0897

Cellphones   -   Tablets   -   Computers   -   Flat Panel Tv's: LCD, LED, Plasma

CD players   -   Mp3 Players   -   iPods   -   Modern Record Players & Nostalgic Record Players 

   New Guitar Pedals Mid 90's and Up   -   Modern Solid State Guitar Amps

Digital Electronics   -   Surface Mount Electronics   -   Modern Receivers Mid 90's and Up

CD and Digital Jukeboxes   -   Modern Digital Organs   -   Digital Children's Toys

 Quadraphonic Audio includes Receivers, Tape Decks, Turntables and Decoders.

Any Electronics from the Mid 90's to the Present   -   In Home Repairs

Items that I work on:

Record players and Changers   -   Reel to Reel Tape Decks   -   Cassette Decks All Brands

Guitar Amplifiers: Tube and Early Transistor, from the 1940's-1990's   -   Vintage Guitar Pedals Only

Antique and Vintage Am & Fm Radios: Tube and Early Transistor   -   Vintage Stereo Receivers, 

Hammond Organs & Leslie Speakers in Shop Only - Jukeboxes in Shop Only

Items I Do Not Work On:
I am experiencing an extremely long back log in the shop. 
Due to the following:  
#1 An inrush of repairs during the Covid in 2020. 

#2 Extremely long delays and backorders on parts due to the Covid Shut Down, with some parts on Back Order until Fall of 2023. 

#3 Sickness and death in our family this year that has kept me out of the shop! 

With that said, do not expect any rush repairs unless they are a musician emergency or church emergency. All rush repairs will cost you $150.00 extra. 

Be forewarned, that you may have to wait from 6 months to 1.5 years for repairs to be completed.