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Joyful Noise Vintage Audio
"Helping You Make A Joyful Noise"
How it all got started
It all started with Jason watching his Dad repair electronics as a child.  His Dad built him a light & switch box. Every kid likes playing with switches, buttons & lights. As he watched his Dad, he was intrigued at experimenting with electronic items on his workbench. His experimenting turned into a hobby and about the age of 15, he started collecting antique radios. The first radio he restored was his Great-Grandfathers 1950's Lloyd's Am/Fm radio from Japan. 
The first guitar amplifier he ever opened up to see what made it tick, was a Fender Vibro Champ that his Grandmother Merle owned. Just looking at it, he was amazed at how each part worked together to make the sound. He knew that electronics repair & restoration was the profession he wanted to follow. The first guitar amp that he repaired was a Marshall JCM 900. 
One Day sitting at the traffic light of New York Ave & 13th Street in St. Cloud, Fl, he had a dream that one day in the future his hobby would turn into a business.  He also enjoyed visiting the mountains of Western North Carolina on vacation. 
In 2006 his second dream came true as he had the opportunity to move to Spruce Pine, NC.  Now he lives his dream vacation everyday. 
In 2013, his first dream came true as he opened up his very own vintage/antique electronics repair business. Since then, he has had a very successful nine years in business. So he brings 26 years of electronics experience into this business!
Another reason He came?
Not only did Jason move to Spruce Pine, NC,to live out a dream, but it is where he met the love of his life Monica Rene Henley. The two met in October 2005, during one of Jason's vacation trips. For four months the two enjoyed long distance courting via the phone. 
In February 2006, Jason packed up his belongings, left St. Cloud Fl., and moved to Spruce Pine, NC.
Then in July 2006, Jason and Monica were engaged to be married. 
The happy couple were married April 21, 2007, and they are enjoying a very blessed marriage!
Jason's lovely & wonderful wife Monica is a very talented piano player & teacher. She owns her own business: "Monica's Music Studio," where she teaches many students to play the piano.  She teaches young children, several seniors & many ages in between. 
A Bit About Jason
Jason was born in Orlando, Fl, at Holiday Hospital during the winter of January 1977, to the parents of William F & Joyce L Kritz. He was raised in St. Cloud, Fl. Graduated from St. Cloud High School May 1995. He attended Valencia Community College where he studied electronics, as well as taking several correspondence courses thru Cleveland Institute of Electronics. During & after High School, Jason worked at his family's business: "Joe's Auto Service Center," as a mechanic & electronics troubleshooter, until 2002 when he went to work for "The Parts House LLLP," in Orlando Fl., as a customer service rep. In Aug 2004, He left TPH & started working at: "Lewis Music Store", in Kissimmee Fl., where he acquired an appreciation for music & musical instruments. The Lewis family had quite an impact on Jason, and he enjoyed working for and with Homer & Mary Lewis, Paul Lewis & Brandie Greene. However, the Mountains of Western North Carolina, were calling. Jason's family roots are in North Carolina, as his grandfather, Frank P Kritz was born the last of nine children in Lenoir, NC, in 1909. 
In 2006, Jason moved to Spruce Pine, NC.
 What happened after that read "Another Reason," below:
Contact Us
Joyful Noise Vintage Audio is located at: 
142 Davenport Rd  
Spruce Pine, NC 2877.
In the beautiful Mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Halfway between Asheville & Boone.
Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Jason Kritz - Technician
Phone: 828-385-0897
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